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Quality of instruction: The best I've ever received!! What improvements did you notice? Power, explosion, reaction time increased. Your experience with S.A.S.: Glad I found it Darrell at the beginning of my career. Would you recommend S.A.S. to others and why? Yes, it works and unlike the big companies out there, you get personal attention with Darrell. - Quentin Groves

" Coach Darrell Pasquale's sport specific, purposeful, motivated and safe training methods have improved Sierra's strength, agility, speed and power. He has definitely helped make her a better athlete and competitor."

- Carl Poske, Director of Tennis, Oakbridge Racquet Club

"After four days of speed training and individual coaching by positions of the Nease High School football team, I am very pleased with the S.A.S Camp."

- Craig Howard, Nease High School head football coach


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"You were one of the most instrumental and biggest impacts on the success of the team! Our record was 28-8 and we were Southeast Division Champions with a number 2 overall seed in the playoffs."

- Coach Steve Tucker, former ABA Jacksonville Jam Head Coach, current Head Coach of the ABA Southwest Texas Mustangs, 2008-2009 ABA Coach of the Year

"The program was instrumental to our players gaining quickness, speed, and strength as it relates to baseball."

- Dave Barnett, Coach/Athletic Director Flagler College Saints, St. Augustine, FL

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Clarence's Testimonial -"Darrell Pasquale is a great trainer that creates a personalized connection with athletes. I know every athlete wants a trainer that gives them a unique program to improve athletically..."
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